A collection of videos of the most beautiful burlesque variety shows and interviews with Grace Hall.


Grace Hall in VarieTease @ Teatro Centrale

Grace Hall @ Amsterdam Burlesque Award

* GRACE HALL * Chimera 's Dream*

Grace Hall - Beauty&Glitter in Reverse striptease

Grace Hall - Backstage

GRACE HALL per Giada Falstaffi - AltaModa AltaRoma 2014

RAI 2 - Grace Hall e Il Tempio del Burlesque su "Beauty & Me"

Grace Hall e il Burlesque - gli inizi

Grace Hall in "Teach Me Tiger"

Grace Hall in "Why don't you do right?"

Grace Hall - Fans Dance

RAI 2 - Intervista a GRACE HALL su "Guardami"

Grace Hall per Default.exe

Grace Hall burlesque show @ 45 GIRI - Roma