private lessons with group of friends

bachelorette party

“My friends organized a surprise burlesque lesson with the fantastic Grace for my bachelorette party. It was a wonderful experience, fun and unique! Grace is an excellent professional, as well as a kind and approachable person. She made sure everything was truly special! Highly recommended!”

Grace Hall

Bachelorette Party with a Burlesque Lesson: Celebrate with Style and Fun!

Are you looking for an original and unforgettable idea to celebrate your friend’s bachelorette party? Do you want to spend a special moment with your closest friends? Our team of burlesque professionals is here to make your event unique and memorable.

Discover the Art of Burlesque

Our burlesque lessons, lasting about an hour and a half, are designed to offer an engaging and fun experience. In a welcoming and supportive environment, you will learn the secrets of the divas of the past, with graceful, elegant, and confident movements that will make your body speak.

Lezione di burlesque nella natura

An Original Experience

For those who desire something even more special, it is possible to organize the lesson immersed in nature, away from the chaos of the city. Imagine learning the art of burlesque in a natural setting, where the charm of the past blends with the serenity of nature.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Not only bachelorette parties, our burlesque lessons are also ideal for birthday parties, anniversaries, or simply for a fun and different afternoon with friends.