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Since 2010, Il Tempio del Burlesque has been dedicated to education and dissemination, promoting awareness and well-being through the performing arts (dance, theater, and burlesque) via workshops, classes, shows, and events.

We work to create an inclusive and diverse community based on cooperation, fun, creativity, and mutual respect, through a fundamental principle: a healthy relationship with one’s own body.

Il Tempio del Burlesque di Grace Hall

“It’s not a dance school, it’s not just a hobby. Try it, and you’ll discover a new way of seeing yourself. You’ll meet special, unique women who will always be on your side.”

Il Tempio del Burlesque offers a wide range of courses open to all women interested in exploring the potential of non-verbal communication through theater, dance, and gesture work. The goal is to share a method that provides tools for greater body awareness, the development of self-confidence, and freedom of expression. The courses range from dance to theater and are designed to educate and inspire women to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality.

Grace Hall’s school is committed to supporting the body as an instrument of personal transformation, offering participants the opportunity to rediscover themselves, improve self-awareness, and place themselves at the center of their lives with lightness and creativity. The target audience includes women of all ages and professions, united in mutual support and creative play, thereby enhancing their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Il Tempio del Burlesque di Grace Hall

Grace Hall has developed the
Feminine Spirit Alchemy®
a very personal teaching method based on the Socratic method.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn this fascinating art from the best professionals in the field. Discover our instructors and their stories on our website.

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