In 2010, Grace Hall founded Il Tempio del Burlesque, a training and therapeutic project dedicated to women, more and more victims of stereotypes, aimed at listening to the body and its acceptance. Burlesque, in fact, if lived as a discipline, helps to improve the relationship with your own body, to recognize your own expressive potential and to learn a more conscious body language. For many it is a real therapy that helps to gain greater security and self esteem.

The Burlesque Temple has been a guarantee of quality for years.

It offers different types of courses:

  • Midweek courses
  • Intensive Weekend Courses
  • Private lessons
  • Workshops and Masterclasses with international artists
  • Bachelorette parties with lessons for the bride and friends
  • Residential internships including meals and overnight stay (also excellent as a bachelorette party, birthdays, etc.).

Discover the learning formula best suited to your needs and stay up to date on all the news by visiting the website de

The main objective of Il Tempio del Burlesque is to train professionals who are able to enter the entertainment world with a 360 degree awareness of the show, from the mastery of the stage space to the dance, from the creation of a stage costume to its sartorial realization, from makeup to hairstyles, from acting to the construction of a character, able to seduce with that wonderful dialectic that is Teasing.

The Temple of Burlesque inserts suitable students into the professional field, offering valuable advice and continuous opportunities for work and casting.

The deserving students will have the chance to become part of the cast of the show Grace’s Tricks Revue, curated by Grace Hall. At the end of the course the students will stage the shows that will be prepared during the tests, depending on their level reached.
The courses are also aimed at those who are simply stimulated to rediscover the secrets of a forgotten femininity and want to get involved with irony and fun.

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