The School

Born in Rome in October 2010, Il Tempio del Burlesque, directed by Grace Hall, has ever since been a reference point for training in Italy.
Here you will find the professionalism and expertise of Grace Hall, a multifaceted artist, actress, singer, director, producer, presenter and trainer, who graduated from Theater Conservatory, formerly Scaletta, directed by Diotajuti and graduated in Modern Literature in History and Criticism of Cinema at La Sapienza University of Rome. She has perfected herself with Ferruccio Di Cori in workshops on theatrical improvisation and on the Theater of Spontaneity, with Cathy Marchand on the recitative techniques of Living Teathre, with Carlo Boso on the Commedia dell’Arte, with Doris Hicks on the Strasberg Method passing through bio mechanics by Mejerchol’d, Rudolf Steiner’s Eurythmy and the Sacred Dances of Gurdjeff. Grace’s multifaceted approach to performing arts has led her to a very personal and singular method of maieutic teaching, and 19 years of professional acting (under the name Emma Nitti), boasting prestigious national and international collaborations in theater, music, cinema and television (see Bio and cv).
Please, beware of imitations and improvised teachers without adequate preparation and a solid stage background.

The Temple of Burlesque offers different types of courses:

  • Midweek courses
  • Intensive Weekend Courses
  • Private lessons
  • Workshops and Masterclasses with international artists
  • Bachelorette parties with lessons for the bride and friends
  • Residential internships including meals and overnight stay (also excellent as a bachelorette party, birthdays, etc.).

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Burlesque helps to improve the relationship with your own body, to recognize your own expressive potential and to learn a more conscious body language, stimulating greater safety and self-esteem.

The disciplines

  • Character construction
  • Dialectic of Teasing
  • Listening and movement of the body
  • Choreography of the show
  • Burlesque Classics: Balloons and Fans Dance
  • Bumps & Grind, Shimmy, Tassels Twirling
  • History of the Costume
  • Tailoring workshop (from the idea to the sartorial realization)
  • Hairstyles
  • Makeup

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