The film directed by Grace Hall
produced by Zed Film

Burlesque Extravaganza is the diary of a journey, a daring road movie in the glittering world of Burlesque, where imagination mixes with reality, told, discovered and lived by Grace Hall. A tour started from Rome passing through many cities of Europe, and covering most of the United States.

The film wants to be, as the real Burlesque suggests, a container of reveries and various abilities that go from dance, to singing, to circus, to magic, to transformism and to all that enhances the uniqueness that every interpreter embodies.

Burlesque Extravaganza the movie

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BURLESQUE EXTRAVAGANZA is a travel diary, a road movie into Burlesque world made by Grace Hall, during her tournée between North Europe, USA and Canada.

The film is a magic box full of fantasy, skills, dance, singing, circus, magic, trasformism, unique and talented performers and their points of view about a magic world that they support everyday with love and passion, constantly evolving to create something new and astonishing.

The movie shows an undraped backstage and the real “behind the scene” of creating an act.
We will discover the importance of make-up and hairstyle, the creation of the costume and all those elements who create an act.

This project also focuses on the stereotypes about women and on the modern world vision of women and sexuality. Burlesque is a real therapy who increases confidence and helps you to love yourself.

An in-depth documentary that explains exactly what is meant by 'burlesque' and does so naturally through the diary of a journey, both personal and artistic, and the authoritative voice of Grace Hall, queen of the Italian scene, stands out as a unique product in the documentary scene of recent years.

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Burlesque Extravaganza Première at Cinema Lux, Rome