The film directed by Grace Hall

produced by Zed Film

Burlesque Extravaganza is the diary of a journey, a daring road movie in the glittering world of Burlesque, where imagination mixes with reality, told, discovered and lived by Grace Hall. A tour started from Rome passing through many cities of Europe, and covering most of the United States.

The film wants to be, as the real Burlesque suggests, a container of reveries and various abilities that go from dance, to singing, to circus, to magic, to transformism and to all that enhances the uniqueness that every interpreter embodies.

The project wants to make and also extend a reflection on the contemporary world and on the figure of the woman in particular, more and more becoming a victim of stereotypes.

Burlesque is the celebration of the body in all its forms and sizes, thus becoming a special therapy to begin to accept and love each other. For many, it becomes a real journey to discover oneself and one’s potential.