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GRACE HALL, known as a professional actress under the name of Emma Nitti in cinema, television and theater, is considered the pioneer of Burlesque in Italy.

Often defined by the press and the media, the Italian queen of burlesque, she is a multifaceted artist: actress, showgirl, singer, coach, director.

She is the creator, director and producer of the documentary Burlesque Extravaganza (available on home video and on demand on Prime Video).

She graduated in Modern Literature, History and Criticism of Cinema at La Sapienza in Rome with a thesis on Fellini.

She trained as an actress at the Theater Conservatory (ex Scaletta) directed by G.B. Diotajuti. You participate in numerous internships in collaboration with the University of Rome.
She perfected herself with Ferruccio Di Cori in some workshops on theatrical improvisation and the theater of spontaneity, with Cathy Marchand on the acting techniques of the Living Theatre, with Carlo Boso on the Commedia dell’Arte, with Doris Hicks (a former student and collaborator of Susan Batson) on the Strasberg Method passing through the bio mechanics of Mejerchol’d, Rudolf Steiner’s eurythmy and Gurdjeff’s sacred dances.

Emma Nitti boasts prestigious national and international collaborations in theatre, cinema, music and TV (IMDB).

In 2009 she specializes in variety shows where she presents, sings and dances performing in the most prestigious events, festivals and theaters across Europe, Canada and the United States.

With her shows, between 2010 and 2022, she was a guest on various italian television broadcasts, to mention the most famous: Domenica 5, Cominciamo bene on Rai Tre hosted by Michele Mirabella, Guardami, Beauty&Me for Rai Due and LineaBlu for Rai Uno.
Also she participated in various radio broadcasts: Radio Deejay (with her shows also on Deejay TV), Rai Radio 2, Radio Ies, Radio Erre 2, Quantaradio, Radio Mondo, Radio Capital and Radio Centro Suono.
She performed with her band – Her Lipsticks – on the occasion of the presentation of the new Lancia 5 and in an exclusive party strongly desired by the stylist John Richmond.

With her performance, she was the interpreter of the Sexy Mood in the “Travelling in dreams”, party for the inauguration of the new roman maison of Louis Vuitton, delighting with her voice and her grace numerous guests on the international scene (Cate Blanchett ,Catherine Denueve,Antoine Arnault,, Natalia Vodianova, Dante Ferretti).

She has walked the catwalk for AltaRomAlta Moda and has performed for other brands such as Angelique DeVille, Default-exe, Boeme club, Le Banque, Bloody Edith Atelier, Aquaterapy.
In September of the same year she was a guest at the 67th Venice Film Festival participating as Guest Star of “Virus” for Rai Movie.

In 2010 she founded Il Tempio del Burlesque, an educational and therapeutic project dedicated to women, increasingly victims of stereotypes, aimed at listening to the body and at its own acceptance. Burlesque, if experienced as a discipline, helps to improve the relationship with one’s body, to recognize one’s own expressive potential and therefore to learn a more aware body language.

On 2010 she was invited to the Campidoglio to participate as a speaker at the conference entitled: Woman, Health and Society.
Co-starred in E. Ricciardi’s 2011 Sunset Boulevard charity calendar and Carlos Kella’s worldwide-issue Girls and US Legendary Cars calendar.

Since December 2012 she has written The Diaries of Grace Hall for The Diaries of Casanova, an editorial project in which we want to give space to the world of art (in all its forms, today and yesterday) connected to that of eroticism, to raise awareness to the concept of Seduction as Art and of Art as a form of Seduction.

In 2013 she was a special correspondent for the Sanremo Inside program, narrating the festival at 360° scratching current events, commenting on the program entrusted to Fabio Fazio, recounting the background, meeting and interviewing the singers in the competition, listening to the pulse of ordinary people and also dismantling the sacredness of Sanremo with irony, irreverence and eros.

She was the godmother and MC of the Main Stage of the Summer Jamboree for 3 editions (2013, 2014 and 2017), the largest festival in the world on the culture of America in the 40s and 50s which every year sees the participation of about 450,000 people from all over the world.

Grace Hall is the creator and artistic director of Grace’s Tricks Revue, a show with a vintage atmosphere based on delicious ingredients for superfine palates: burlesque numbers, cabaret, circus, magic and various entr’actes that every time see the participation of international artists.

She was the art director and choreographer of the film Pane e Burlesque by M.Tempesta produced by Lucisano with Sabrina Impacciatore released in theaters in May 2014.

Grace Hall in 2015 was named best performer of 2015 on GQ Italia.

Also in the same year, she performed at the XXII edition of ‘Il Ballo del Doge’, the prestigious international gala of the Venice Carnival, the most coveted artistic and worldly glamour event by the international jet-set at Palazzo Pisani Moretta della Laguna.

She is present in several paragraphs in the book Burlesque, when the show become seduction by Lorenza Fruci published Castelvecchi recognized as the “Italian Queen of Burlesque”.

She was named Woman of the Week in Grazia Italia magazine for her unmistakable style.

In 2016 you founded the film production company Zed Film, born with the intention of developing and supporting quality projects that wink at the market with dynamism, flexibility, technology and innovation.

A famous Japanese TV program, Waratte Koraete, aired on the national channel Nippon TV in December 2017, dedicated an entire service to her by telling her in all her talents.

In 2018 she was testimonial of the Optariston eyewear brand.

In 2019 the single of ‘Wicked Game’ was released performed by Grace Hall in the Kiss my Neck project also available on Spotify.

Since October 2019 she has been the artistic director of Extraordinaire Magique, a weekly Thursday evening show, a container of various reveries between illusionism, magic, mentalism and variety at the Wisdomless club, one of the most prestigious clubs in Rome.

The interview with Sottovoce by Gigi Marzullo which aired on 31 January 2020 on Rai 1 is available on Rai Play.

There are also numerous productions by her, just to name a few: Grace’s Tricks Revue, Extraordinaire Burlesque, Profumi di Varietà, Extraordinaire Magique, (illusionism, magic and mentalism) with the best performers of the international scene.

On 2021, to represent Italian excellence, she performs in the Italian production curated by Freaky Candy, in the Virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame, a 48-hour non-stop review with international productions that represents all the diversity and beauty of the different burlesque scenes in the world.

they say of GRACE

Protagonista indiscussa del Burlesque: quando entra in palcoscenico calamita l’attenzione di uomini e donne: movenze sensuali e una voce calda sono le sue armi di seduzione

Una strabiliante Grace Hall, talentuosa attrice ed icona del burlesque italiano

Grace Hall, regina del burlesque italiano, ha incantato tutti con la sua voce e il suo mix di sensualità ed eleganza

Splendida incantatrice dotata di superbe doti canore, oltre a una bellezza d’altri tempi, ha mostrato al pubblico cosa sia il vero talento sposato all’arte del Burlesque. – BurlesqueItalia

Star incontrastata del burlesque italiano

2022 Il mio nome è vendetta – C. Gomez /Netflix
2021 Manifesto pandemico – J. Perlangeli
2020 Giulia – Ciro De Caro
2020 Lockdown – C. Puccinelli
2018 LASETTIMANA  – C. Puccinelli
• 2017 LA BANDA DEI TRE – F.M. Dominedo’- Olga (Co-Lead)
• 2016 TWINS di L. Bava –Sarah Levi (Supporting)
• 2016 QUEL VENERDI’ 30 DICEMBRE – T. Abballe (Co-Lead)
• 2015 FATE – A.Simbarasi – Nun (Supporting) 
• 2015 TALLY –R. Cloyd (Lead)
• 2012 TUTTI I SANTI GIORNI — P. Virzì (Supporting)
• 2011 CARA TI AMO… — G.Vallati– Maya (Co-lead)
• 2010 CINQUE — F.M.Dominedò – Paola (Co-lead)
• 2009 VIGASIO SEXPLOITATION — S.Montresor – Eva (Lead)
• 2009 TAXI — M.A.Messina – Silene (Supporting)
• 2009 EDUCATE PERVERSIONI — A.Raimondi – Escort (Lead)
• 2008 THE HUNGEDMAN — F.M.Dominedò–The Dancer (Lead)
• 2007 DISCO MAGIC THEATRE — A.Maulà –Laura (Lead)
• 2006 ECC3SSI — F.M.Dominedò – Carmen (Co-lead)
• 2006 COFFIN CARRIERS — F.M.Dominedò -The coffin carrier (Supporting)
• 2006 N AMORE — A.Menghini – Secretary (Co-lead)
• 2005 MARY — A. Ferrara – Joanna (Supporting)
• 2003 FORSE SI FORSE NO — S. Chiantini (Supporting)
• 2001 SMKANGELS — G.A. Kiwomiak –Alma (Lead)
• 2003 LA NOTTE BIANCA — E. Fiorini –Bianca (Lead)
• 1999 SENZA TITOLO — D. Atzeni –Celluloide (Lead)
• 1999 LA NATURA MORTA DELL’ANIMA — G.P. Raimondi –Korea (Lead)
• 1998 LA VOCE DEL SILENZIO — G.P. Raimondi –Giulia (Lead)

2016 LOVE SNACK –Italia 1 – Greta
2016 LA VIE RHOSE di H. La Plane – Betta
2015 VEDO NUDO documentary SKY di A. D’Onofrio –Grace Hall
2013/4 LADY GRACE di Francesco M. Dominedò -Grace Hall
2013 IL RESTAURATORE di E. Oldoini – Monica Smedile
2010 VIRUS di M.Gambino- Grace Hall
2010 HO SPOSATO UNO SBIRRO II di L.Miniero – Caterina D’Avanzo
2009 DON MATTEO di E.Marchetti – Vittoria Galasso
2007 LA SQUADRA VIII di P.Gay – Rita Consoli
2007 UN POSTO AL SOLE Registi vari – Monica Cervone
2006 LA STAGIONE DEI DELITTI 2 di D.Costantini/D.Majorca – Marta Mariotti
2005 X RATED di M. Repetto – Belinda
2000 VIA ZANARDI 33 di A. De Leo – Coinquilina di Lucia

• 2018 GRACE’S TRICKS REVUE –Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2017 BURLESQUE EXTRAVAGANZA –Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2018/17/16/15/14 GRACE’S TRICKS REVUE -Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2015 HOLLYWOOD DIVA & GANGSTERS 1920/1940 di E. Nitti – Grace Hall
• 2015/14 CABARET BURLESQUE di E. Nitti – Grace Hall
• 2014 PROFUMI DI VARIETA’ – Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2013/12/11/10 MUSICAL GRACE HALL – Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2012 VARIETA’ BURLESQUE by E. Nitti – Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2011 NOVECENTO — I.Costanza – Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2009/10/11 MUSICAL GRACE HALL – Grace Hall (Lead)
• 2009 DUE SUL PONTE — V.Fratini – Mara (Lead)
• 2006 LA DONNA DEL MARE REMIX — M.Perrotta – Ellida (Lead)
• 2006 LA FINE DI UNA GIORNATA — M.Perrotta –( Voce over)
• 2003 I CRIMINALI — G..Kiwomiak – Geronimo&Lisa (Lead)
• 2002 NEL TEMPIO DEL RAGNO — G.A. Kiwomiak – Demonia (Lead)
• 2001 IL RACCONTO D’INVERNO — R. Pacini –Leonte (Lead)
• 2000 IL FIORE AMBIGUO DELL’IO — R. Pacini – Sybil Vane (Lead)
• 2000 DUE DOZZINE DI ROSE SCARLATTE— A.De Benedetti–Marina Verani (Lead)
• 1999 GOLDONI QUEL SECCATORE — L. Negroni – Colombina (Co.lead)
• 1998 POVERO AMORE — M. Zarrilli – Lucia (Lead)
• RESURREZIONE DI NOSTRO SIGNORE — A. Pierfederici – Madonna (Co.lead)
• 1998 PAURA DI BUSCARLE — G.Courteline – La moglie (Lead)
• 1997 IPPOLITO — R. Riccioni – Corifea (Supporting)

• 2017 Testimonial OPTARISTON 
• 2015 SORRIDENDO ONLUS – Simone Petralia e Massimiliano Bruno (Co-lead)
• 2008 KIMBO — Marcello Cesena (Lead)
• 2008 TUODI’ — Simone Julian Cervi Goldstein/Davide Tartarini (Lead)
• 2005 QUATTRO SALTI IN PADELLA — Gabriele Muccino (Lead)
• 2002 PEPSI — John Hornst (Co-lead)
• 2002 WULEVU’ — Matteo Pellegrini. (Lead)
• 2001 ACQUA PANNA – Magnus Reed. (Lead)

• 2018 BURLESQUE EXTRAVAGANZA –Documentary produced by Zed Film
• 2018/17/16/15//14 GRACE’S TRICKS REVUE 
• 2014/13/12/11/10 MUSICAL GRACE HALL 
• 2013 GIADA FALSTAFFI’s Collection “Le Theatre des Funambules” for ALTAMODA 

  • 2013 Film “Pane e Burlesque” directed by M.Tempesta produced byLucisano

• 2015 LEGGY – Jaquie Six (Lead)
• 2014 RODEO BIG CATS di A. Cingolani
• 2010 SPIRITUAL FRONT (Voice over)
• 2009 ZERO ASSOLUTO — C.Alemà (Co-Lead)
• 2008 NICOLA CONTE and JOSE’ JAMES — M.A.Messina (Co-Lead)

  • 2021 Sorriso diverso award for Burlesque Extravaganza – Tulipani – seta nera
  • 2011 BEST ACTRESS for Cinque directed byF.M.Dominedò -Circeo Film Festival
  • 2011 ARTISTIC VERSATILITY PRIZE for Cinque directed F.M.Dominedò – Mompeo InCorto

• 2024 Acting workshop con Paul Haggis
• 2023 Audition Process workshop con Paul Haggis
• 2013-05 Rehearsal Process — Doris Hicks

• 2003 Workshop “Comedy of Art” — Carlo Boso
• 2002 Workshop “Political Theatre” — Cathy Marchand
• 2001 Workshop “The Living Theatre” — Cathy Marchand
• 1998/2003 Gradueted Rome University “La Sapienza”
• 1998/2001 Rome Academy of Dramatic Arts “La Scaletta”
• 1998/1999 Workshop “Euritmia” — Rudolf Steiner
• 1997/1998 Workshop “Holy dances” — G.I. Gurdjieff
• 1997 Workshop “The Improvisation”– Ferruccio Di Cori