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Multi-creative talent: actress, cabaret chanteuse, showgirl, producer, director, MC and burlesque burlesque.

Hailed as the “Queen of Italian Burlesque” by italian press and media, Grace Hall has over 19 years experience as a professional actress (aka Emma Nitti) boosting national and international participations in theatre shows, cinema and music .

She’s been invited to attend and perform in the most popular and successful italian Tv shows and participated as a guest on several successful radio shows.

She was in the cast of the Tv program Sanremo Inside and hosted the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 editions of Summer Jamboree, the most important international festival of 40′s and 50′s American music and culture.

they say of GRACE

Protagonista indiscussa del Burlesque: quando entra in palcoscenico calamita l’attenzione di uomini e donne: movenze sensuali e una voce calda sono le sue armi di seduzione

Una strabiliante Grace Hall, talentuosa attrice ed icona del burlesque italiano

Grace Hall, regina del burlesque italiano, ha incantato tutti con la sua voce e il suo mix di sensualità ed eleganza

Splendida incantatrice dotata di superbe doti canore, oltre a una bellezza d’altri tempi, ha mostrato al pubblico cosa sia il vero talento sposato all’arte del Burlesque. – BurlesqueItalia

Star incontrastata del burlesque italiano

The film directed by Grace Hall

produced by Zed Film

Burlesque Extravaganza is the diary of a journey, a daring road movie in the glittering world of Burlesque, where imagination mixes with reality, told, discovered and lived by Grace Hall. A tour started from Rome passing through many cities of Europe, and covering most of the United States.

The film wants to be, as the real Burlesque suggests, a container of reveries and various abilities that go from dance, to singing, to circus, to magic, to transformism and to all that enhances the uniqueness that every interpreter embodies.

The project wants to make and also extend a reflection on the contemporary world and on the figure of the woman in particular, more and more becoming a victim of stereotypes.

Burlesque is the celebration of the body in all its forms and sizes, thus becoming a special therapy to begin to accept and love each other. For many, it becomes a real journey to discover oneself and one’s potential.